Global Multichannel Consumer Behaviour (Research/Purchase) Analysis

As my focus has evolved to getting companies to imagine and execute incredible digital marketing initiatives, I’ve discovered that my passion for the medium, my experience in creating innovative solutions, and — yes — my charm are sometimes insufficient to convince some CxOs to take their digital marketing opportunities seriously.

Rather I’ve had to fall back on my trusty steed: data. 🙂

One common scenario is this: Company PJ spends $250 million on traditional advertising. They know the web is exciting. They have a Facebook page. They have a smattering of microsites that their Agency put together once in a campaign rush a number of years ago. But they are just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

My goal is to get them excited about creating an amazing digital acquisition strategy that delivers noteworthy experiences through their owned digital platforms, and which ultimately delivers bigger profits (usually offline, but online as well).

The question they’ll ask: But how do we know our $250,000 investment in digital (ads plus sites/apps) will drive offline sales?

There are other scenarios, there are other questions. But the crux of it all is: Prove it.

Prove it that my customers use the web. Prove it that they talk about me on social sites. Prove it that my competitors are better than me. Prove it that you’re not just pushing me into an alligator-filled swamp.

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